What is KIT?

The idea behind Keep in Touch (KIT) was born when Tim and Shirley were in college. Being college students, we moved addresses every year, and it was difficult keeping track of who lived where so we could send each other post mail. We built what we wish we had.

The way to use KIT is simple. Share your address or other contact info with your friends, then update it when it changes. Your friends will always have access to your latest deets. You'll also be able to get an advance notice of an upcoming friend's birthday, so you can prepare something special for them or write them a nice card.

We believe that sending and receiving post mail is underrated in today's world of instanct communication. Tim and Shirley keep each and every letter they receive from friends, and reading back on them creates good feels that are incomparable to reading old chat logs. This is the feeling we want everyone to experience, and they can last a lifetime.


We understand that you might be skeptical of putting your contact information online. Rest assured that we will never sell your data and have no interest in doing so, and we never store your data longer than you want us to. Once you delete something from our servers, it's gone for good.

The Team